Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Six weeks in...and deciding to go sugar-free!

I'm really pleased with how I've been doing for the first five weeks.  I lost 2.5kg overall, so a steady 0.5kg per week which would be just wonderful for me to sustain - slow perhaps, but steady - and definitely noticeable by the summer.

However, in this last week, things went a little awry.  We had friends to stay, then we went out with some other friends, and a colleague invited us for a big lunch, and so on...  I felt a little pressured to eat more than I would and drink quite a lot of alcohol, and as we had company I couldn't exercise - with the result that on today's Weigh-In Wednesday, I have gained a little.  I knew it was coming, but even so, it was quite frustrating.

This pattern of two steps forward and one step back is something I really want to avoid as it's so disheartening.  So I've made a decision that at this still-early stage of my journey, I need to give myself and my weight-loss a bit of a boost.  Of course, Lent has officially started today and so there is a lot of talk about 'giving something up'. Having had a good think over the last few days, I've decided that....for the next six weeks that I'll be going sugar-free!

Amazingly, I've even managed to persuade Mr Awesome to do it with me!  So, anything with added/refined sugar isn't going to be allowed into the house during this time - that means cakes, biscuits, cookies, sweets, chocolate, or ice-cream.  It also means no baking either, which will be hard as I love making cakes.  I'm really happy that I won't be doing it by myself as I think it would be difficult to resist temptation if I can see my other half sitting on the sofa munching on some biscuits!  I'm hoping it'll lead towards a new relationship with sugary and sweet foods and that once the six weeks are up, we may even have broken the spell that sugar seems to have over us.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Week 5 weigh in - and a great loss!

Week 174.6
Week 273.9
Week 373.6
Week 474.1
Week 572.9

Very happy with this week's loss, which takes my total to 2.6kg in five weeks. At this rate I will reach goal by August or September which would suit me just fine!  What has worked well for me this week is tracking *everything* on the Weight Watchers app, being conscious of portion size, and getting into a good workout routine (at 5.30am!) with the Results with Lucy videos (of which I'll be doing a review soon!).

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Four weeks in - Weigh in Wednesday

A quick Weigh-in Wednesday post for everyone! It's been four weeks since I started Weight Watchers, and it's the first week I've had a little gain - but I have had birthday celebrations to blame for that!

Week 174.6
Week 273.9
Week 373.6
Week 474.1

Despite all the birthday cake and prosecco, overall I have lost 1.4kg, or just over 3lb, in four weeks.  So I'm happy with that, although I'm hoping for a good loss next week.    

I'm wondering whether I should set myself a target, such as 'be under 70kg before a certain date', or whether I should just keep happily plodding on.  On the one hand a target may motivate me more, but on the other hand I know I'd feel terrible if I didn't reach it!  

Saturday, 31 January 2015

I'm back!

Hello everyone!

Wow, what happened?  The last few months of 2014 seemed to just disappear in a haze of lesson planning, essay writing, studying, visitors, flying around the world and all the other odd jobs and bits and pieces that make up (expat) family life these days.  When it came to watching my weight and exercising, I'd like to say the mind was strong but the body was weak but even that wouldn't be entirely accurate.  The mind wasn't all that strong to be honest - it had 101 other things to think about - and nor was the body.  It was a cold, stressful, busy time, and I admit that I just wanted to get comfort - from food and sleep - rather than wake up at 5.30 out get out of my warm bed to exercise in a freezing cold house.

But not facing up to your demons doesn't help in the long run, does it?  You still have that niggle, that little voice at the back of your mind.  You feel guilty for not listening to it and doing what it says.  Then there's that other voice, the one that's a little louder, that's still not happy with what it see in the mirror.  It's harder to ignore that one, I think. 

So, after finishing the busiest December that I can remember (hey, that rhymes!), I'm back.  With slightly more free time, slightly more headspace to dedicate towards my goals.  2015 is going to be the year of awesome!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Days 5 and 6 - the one with a little slip up but also a redemption!

So, the week had been going well - I'd worked out twice "with Lucy" and also spent an evening at the gym.  I'd managed to stick to my "no sugar" rule and was even doing well combining all this looking after myself with doing some studying!

As I mentioned, I'd been invited to a party on Wednesday but, for once in my life, turned it down, because I knew there'd be, well, beer and party food there, and I was determined not to be waylaid so soon on in my 12 week mission/journey/quest/venture...

But, I guess pride comes before a fall, as on Day 5, I realised on my way home that I was locked out of the house and Mr Awesome was at the gym so wouldn't be home for another couple of hours.  What could I do?  There is no cafe, no library, no community centre I could have gone to.  No shops to wander round, no car to sit in, nothing like that at all.  And, it was raining.  Yikes!  I'm afraid to say, I went to the only place that was indoors and dry.  A very small bar in the village.  I confess to having a beer, a couple of slices of pizza and some chicken skewers! Not the end of the world, but not ideal either - especially as my plan had been to exercise as soon as I'd got home.  

Slip ups happen though and I have learned from previous attempts to get fit and lose weight, that in the past, if I slipped up, I declare, "well that's IT there's no point now! May as well just scoff this packet of biscuits that are right here next to me!" However... I'm happy to say that today, Day 6, I did no such thing!  I simply came home from work and did my workout tonight, instead.  It's also now been six days without sugar - chocolate, biscuits, cookies, ice cream, and so on.  So, despite the little "off plan" detour that I took last night, I haven't used that as an excuse to cave in, and I'm still here, marching on.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Days 3 and 4 - impressed with my self control!

I have lots and lots to write here, but I went straight from work to the gym (yes, really!), then I got home and had to do some prep for work tomorrow, now at 10pm I am finally sitting down to eat some (healthy!) dinner!

It is all going so well that I am really happy and pleased with myself - not to say utterly shocked by my sudden willpower and self control (for all of four days - yes I hear ya! That is still amazing for me).  I have successfully avoided the biscuit tin at work, I have exercised again tonight, and I have even turned down an invitation to a party tomorrow night - because I know I would have no self control with a beer or two in me and I'd want to eat allll the food!  And let's not even consider how many empty calories would be in that beer in the first place!

Anyway - I wanted to pop in because I said I would log every day, so I'm keeping to my promise!  I have a free evening tomorrow now (due to lack of said party), so I'm planning a lovely long blog to update you all.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 2 - all on track and feeling good

A very quick one here as we had quite a relaxing day - and a good catch up on some sleep - at last!

I completed the first workout of Results with Lucy and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised!  Well, part of the surprise was pleasant - it was a little longer than I'd expected (1 hour!), so perhaps that surprise was a little more like a shock!

The workout isn't one long video, but shorter sections, each around 5-8 minutes long.  These clips focus on different areas of your body, so one would be abs, then we did arms, then legs, and so on - the different clips kept it fresh and interesting.  I found it really good fun (again - as much fun as an exercise video can be, ha!), because it moved at a good pace and I knew that even if I wasn't enjoying a section, Lucy would be moving on to the next one soon enough.

I'm sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow but - no pain, no gain, right?!

I'm also proud to say I made it through the day with no sugar and/or processed food - let's hope I can keep it up!  I know I really need to make a note of my starting weight and, more importantly, my measurements, as I've heard many a tale of people not losing weight but losing inches.  That would be fine by me, if it means squeezing into that size 10 by Christmas then I'm all for it!